Medical Qigong Therapy

Richards Qigong Therapy utilizes the principle of energy induction or energy transportation. As a skilled individual, he can emit or transmit Qi energy into his clients. Like a magnet can magnetize a pin, Richards emitted Qi energy can be directed into another individual for the purpose of healing.

 In Ancient China acupuncture was called 针 烧  Zhēn Shāo, meaning needle and heat. In those ancient treatments, the rivers and points of the energy qi flow in the human body were examined and manipulated to create a balanced flow thru out the body, creating health. To create that balance, needles, heat, pressure, pulling (an mo, tui na) and other techniques that used the natural elements of nature were common practice. This is how Richard works today; using these ancient methods to bring healing.

Inflammation is now the main health concern for many people. It is in the Blood, organs and even the Brain and the root cause of much illness.

Come experience a Medical Qigong Treatment with Richard and experience these ancient ways to health that can remove that inflammation and restore health.

Richard is the founding vice president of the National Qigong Association ( and was chairman of the standards committee that created a consensus of national standards in Qigong.

Richard has participated in Medical Qigong energy projection onto patients during active surgery at the World Renowned Cleveland Clinic Hospital. Clients receiving the Medical Qigong Treatment had less blood loss, faster recovery time and less use of pain medication then average.

 Richard later created programs in Medical Qigong Tai Chi Therapy for pain management and surgery rehabilitation for the Cleveland Clinic and other Hospitals.

What to expect in a session?

With Richard a session will include a classical acupressure massage of An Mo and Tui Na which means to push and rub and tack and pull as well as Qi manipulation through classical means of 针 烧  Zhēn Shāo (Needle/Heat ) that may include needling, cupping and moxibustion. Richard also literally uses the five elements in his healing session (fire, earth, metal, water and wood) that helps restore balance. Client will be given at home practice to bring mind and body back to balance. Allow 1 hr for a session. Fee $ 125.0  Call or Text Richard 216-978-4377

Traditional Chinese Medicine holds the belief that the blockage, stagnation, deficiency or excess of qi energy in the internal organs or their associated acupuncture channels will cause sickness and disease. A balancing of these energies and a return to homeostasis is the goal of Qigong Therapy. The result will be a healthy and happy body condition.

With Richard at the Qigong Academy a Qigong Therapy session will include an acupressure massage  of An Mo and Tui Na and qi manipulation through classical means including needling, cupping and moxibustion. Richard literally uses the five elements in his healing

( fire, earth, metal, water and wood ) that helps restore balance. Client will be given Qigong practice to bring Mind and body back to balance. Allow 1 hr  for a session.

Sessions are held at times available through appointments. $120. Call or text Richard to schedule at 216-978-4377. Sessions being held in Taos, NM .