Covid Science Facts

Dec. 11, 2020 the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine became available under EUA Emergency Use Authorization

The Clinical Trial Data was Not released until SO ORDERED ON THIS 6TH DAY OF JANUARY, 2022 By a Federal Judge

Biden Executive Order 14043 Mandating the Vaccine was on September 9, 2021

Not a Single Doctor, Governor, CEO of a Company, News Media or any Clinical Researcher was allowed to View the Clinical Trial Data Before January 6, 2022

Yet Your Doctor Prescribed It, The President Mandated Every worker take it and You the Consumer had no way to know if it was indeed Safe or Effective.

The Clinical Trial Data clearly shows the Absolute Risk Reduction from getting Covid was only 0.84% with taking the Vaccine. That is less then 1 % reduction or protection.

Notice the Absolute Risk Increase if not getting the Vaccine is also only 0.84%. What was the Value in Taking the Vaccine, if it did not stop Transmission and has Serious Side Effects with 1 in 800 people?

Did your Health Care provider tell you these Facts? Why Not ?

Here is the Data

“Absolute risk reduction (ARR)” or “risk difference,”  represents “the proportion of patients who are spared the adverse outcome as a result of having received the experimental rather than the control therapy.”

The Absolute Risk Increase in Not taking the Vaccine is also the ARR. The Clinical Data Clearly Shows 0.84 % Absolute Risk Reduction if you took the Shot, and only a 0.84% increase in getting the virus if you did not take the shot. Science Facts, not Media or Politicians Misinformation.

The Absolute Risk Reduction ( ARR )Gives us the the Number Needed to Treat NNT or the Number Needed to Vaccinate NNV to prevent 1 infection. The Number Needed to Vaccinate from the Clinical Trials the Vaccine was approved with, is 119. That Means only 1 in every 119 people would be expected to have not contracted Covid.

In a County Like Taos New Mexico with a Population of about 30,000 people. If everyone took the Vaccine, only 250 people would have been expected to not contract the Virus.

29,750 people would have been expected to not be protected.

Let’s look at the Shingles Vaccine in Comparison. Below you will see the Absolute Risk Reduction in taking a Herpes Vaccine is 1.7 % with the Number needed to Treat NNT to prevent 1 infection 59. The Number Needed to Treat to prevent Pain ( Postherpetic Neuralgia ) is a whopping 362 people.

Censorship of this Clinical Data was Ordered by President Biden. You, Me, Your Doctor and Science Experts were all denied Access. It Took this Law Suit and a Court Order to Have the Science Released.

Not Only was the Effectiveness of the Shot Hidden from the Public, the Adverse Events in the Control Group who took the Shot was also Hidden. The Shocking number is listed below including 1,223 Deaths

Further Research After the Shot was Approved showed there is a Causal Relationship with Heart Disease. All for less than 1% protection.

Unfortunately, it gets Worse. Science Now Clearly Shows in Peer Reviewed Journals that the Spike Protein which is created from the Shot, Reverse Transcribes into Our DNA itself.

Line 1 Integration into our DNA will lead to problems like Cancers and Auto Immune Disease. Watch Below

Click here to watch

Add to all This the Brain Fog and Mental Illness associated with the shot, because the Spike Protein Crosses the Blood Brain Barrier.

Slowly we are recovering from the Government and Drug Company Mis Information Provided to us by the Media.

What to do Now ?

Unfortunately for All of US, the United States Supreme Court, with All the Democrat Judges agreeing, decided Censorship of this important information is permissible.

On June 26,2024 in the decision



The Court Ruled Biden Censorship of the Facts about Covid is permissible. The Court ruled 6-3 that the government’s communications with social media platforms, to remove factual content about Covid-19 dangers, did not violate the First Amendment.

The case can be read here: