Qigong Academy Class Schedule

A Commitment to Health and Longevity

Welcome to the Qigong Academy and Taos Tai Chi
In Person Classes
Kit Carson Park TCA side
Taos, NM, 87571
Weekday Classes
Tuesday and Friday 9 am
Sunday 10 am

9 am Mondays at Taos Senior Center 200 Albright ( enter in Back )
Hope to see you soon.
$10-20 Suggested donation. Everyone Welcome. Coming together in Community.

Free Zoom Classes
For Those Who Cannot Attend in Person Try it You Might Like it !!!!!!
Here are my zoom links. Just click on the day and time and join in the fun. No Pre Registration Necessary.
Monday: Qigong/Tai Chi with Richard/ 10 am mnt/ Noon Est
Tuesday Night Time Wu Style Taij 5 pm mnt time, 7 pm est.
Wednesday TaiJi with Richard 10 am mnt / Noon Est.
Thursdays Wu Style Tai Chi with Richard 10 am mnt/Noon Est.
Saturday Tai Chi/Qigong Class/ 10 am mnt/ Noon Est.
Looking forward to seeing you in class.

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We do not collect data on anyone
Email: Richard@RichardLeirer.org
Our website address is: https://richardleirer.org