Qigong Therapy

Richards Qigong Therapy utilizes the principle of energy induction or energy transportation. As a skilled individual, he can emit or transmit Qi energy into his clients. Like a magnet can magnetize a pin, Richards emitted Qi energy can be directed into another individual for the purpose of healing.

Traditional Chinese Medicine holds the belief that the blockage, stagnation, deficiency or excess of qi energy in the internal organs or their associated acupuncture channels will cause sickness and disease. A balancing of these energies and a return to homeostasis is the goal of Qigong Therapy. The result will be a healthy and happy body condition.

With Richard at the Qigong Academy a Qigong Therapy session will include an acupressure massage  of An Mo and Tui Na and qi manipulation through classical means including needling, cupping and moxibustion. Richard literally uses the five elements in his healing

( fire, earth, metal, water and wood ) that helps restore balance. Client will be given Qigong practice to bring Mind and body back to balance. Allow 1 hr  for a session.

Sessions are held at times available through appointments. $125. Call or text Richard to schedule at 216-978-4377. Sessions being held in Taos.