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Certified Tai Chi or Qigong Teacher Training Program

This is a unique opportunity to become a Certified Tai Chi Instructor with the Qigong Academy. The Qigong Academy, founded by Richard Leirer in 1990, has been a leader in providing Qigong and Tai Chi instructions in the USA.

Special classes tailored for the Medical Community known as Medical Qigong/Tai Chi have been developed for numerous hospitals in the Greater Cleveland Ohio area. The Cleveland Clinic offers Richards special Tai Chi classes for Surgery Rehabilitation and he pioneered a program for Pain Management and Tai Chi at their outpatient CORF Pain Management Clinic.

Richard also created programs for VETS suffering from PTSD and  for health recovery at the VA hospital.IMG_0682

Classes geared towards the elderly provide a much-needed service to senior citizen centers and assisted living homes for the elderly. These are every expanding opportunity for instructors as our baby boom population ages.

Another area of specialty is Spiritual Tai Chi that emphasis the spiritual history of Tai Chi as a healing art. This tract emphasis the ancient Taoist writings and the relationship between Tai Chi as a meditative and spiritual art form utilizing the qi energy and I Nian or mind intent. The mind leads the qi and the blood follows the qi. New research in DNA and RNA expression through adult stem cells provides evidence of the bodies ever changing healing abilities.

Tai Chi and Internal Martial Arts is another area of continuous growth for the Tai Chi instructor. Almost all Martial Arts have Tai Chi as a founding premise of modern day forms and katas. Preparing students for competition in both Push Hands and Tai Chi in the simplified 24 form or the classic Wu Style Tai Chi set is part of this curriculum. Knowing applications for each movement is a must for this type of instructor.

The Qigong Instructor Training Program places an emphasis on the healing aspects of Qigong and include training in Traditional Chinese Medical Models of acupuncture, An Mo, Tui Na, Tendon Changing, Bone Marrow Washing, DNA restructuring and Medical Qigong.

Program Details

Participant will have weekly training sessions with Richard personally once a week over a two year period. Training may be through skype or in person. Additional training with at home instructions, CD tapes, DVDs , written and oral communication directly with Richard or coordinated with one of his certified instructors. Participants are expected to train 5 days a week or every other day. Preferably everyday in the two year period.

This program is a 250 hour program over a minimum of two years. Time is needed to integrate what is learned and a minimum of two years is required for basic knowledge to be absorbed.

Each student will prioritize the tract mentioned above and teaching will be tailored to the student’s preference. All areas must be addressed by each student and then weighted towards their personalized tract.

Each student must pass both a written and physical test demonstrating basic Tai Chi ability and knowledge.

Upon successmeditationful completion of program student will be certified as a Tai Chi  or Qigong instructor for five years. Ten hours of continuing education will be required each year to maintain Certification. Continuing education hours can come from multiple sources.

Renewal of certification is automatic for additional 5 years if in good standing.

The Qigong Academy will maintain a professional relationship with each certified instructor and assist in placement in professional settings. We will help you find work and assist in creating your teaching opportunities. Each instructor will enjoy the benefits of the long history and references of the Qigong Academy and will become part of our teaching team.

If the Qigong Academy places an instructor at a center, ect,  a small residual of 25 % will be returned to the Qigong Academy as part of that service. This fee can be applied towards continuing education credit and material. The newly trained instructor will retain 75 % of fees secured in a placement program and 100 % if placed without the Qigong Academy. That means if you find your own gig you keep the fees. If the Academy finds the gig for you, the above fee split applies.

This is not an open training program and prospective students must submit an application explaining why they want to join the program. After review the applicant will be notified of the review and training will commence if accepted.

Check out these success stories and current Tai Chi Teachers trained by Richard and the Qigong Academy

Jeannie Koran:  Jeannie specializes with Tai Chi in a Clinical setting. She continues the work with the Cleveland Clinic Hospital surgery rehabilitation and has created special programs for The Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities. She also teaches group classes.

Susan Cady – Tai Chi for Health works in clinical settings, hospitals and cancer centers.

James Seivert  – Cleveland Ohio

Sandra Harris.  Sandy teaches programs at numerous senior and assisted living homes and pioneered classes at Medina General Hospital.

Patricia Dempsey. Pat is a registered nurse who opened the doors of Medina County Hospital to Tai Chi for staff and the community.

Mary Cuchna

Michael Rhoades. Teaches in Bay Villag, Oberlin, Avon Lake Ohio.

Tricia Farina Teaches in Taos New Mexico.

Har Har Khalsa teaches in Espanola New Mexico at the Shen Ren Qigong



Two options are available. A down payment of $2000 dollars down and only $200 per month for 20 months can be arranged. Or, $ 500 down and $ 200 per month for 28 months. Included are instructional DVDs, Audio Lessons, Richards Book – ” From Wu Chi to Tai Chi: A Story of Ancient Beginnings”, written instructions, documents and weekly personalized training by Richard Leirer.

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