Complete Qigong Practice

31 minutes of powerful Qigong for Whole Body Health

In this program you will learn ancient Health Maintenance Techniques for whole body health. This exercises are powerful tools to keep your body fit and healthy.

This Training is often coupled as a preliminary Tai Chi skills set.

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Stepping and Turning

Stepping and Strike Zone

First Circle Wu Style

Tai Chi Demonstration

Richard TaiJi Performance April 2014 from Richard on Vimeo.

Pecha Kucha Tai Chi & Qigong Demonstration

Richard Leirer Pecha Kucha Tai Chi & Qigong Performance from Richard on Vimeo.

Practicing Tai Chi on the Great Wall of China Beijing China

Sample 24 Style TaiJi from Richard on Vimeo.

Wu Style Tai Chi at temple in Wu Dang San China 2011 from Richard on Vimeo.

Wu Style in Taos NM Mountains

Great Explanation of 7 star position in Tai Chi by Wang Peisheng.