Richard’s Book ” From Wu Chi to Tai Chi: A Story of Ancient Beginnings

I am excited to announce the publication of my book,  From Wu Chi to Tai Chi: A Story of Ancient Beginnings. This is a story of the ancient philosophical beginnings of Qigong and Tai Chi development in China. It is designed as a framework for using Tai Chi /Qigong to develop the consciousness needed for a lifetime of individual self-cultivation. This cultivation leads to increased health, longevity and the possibility of enlightenment.  It begins with the ancient concept of Wu Chi and flows forward to cover the emerging world of Tai Chi and all of its tenets. Master Instructor Richard Leirer with 50 years of Qigong and T’ai Chi experience shares his knowledge of the Ancients in this easy to understand work.

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Table of Contents

Author Notes

Chapter 1, Wu Chi or Wuji: 無 極 How Everything Started.             p.01

Chapter 2 Li:  理 Te Function of Everything.                                           p.25

Chapter 3, Tai Chi or Taiji: 太極 Yin and Yang, The Always Changing Environment. p.33

Chapter 4, Te or De:   德 The Force or Power of Virtue in the Universe.  p.63

Chapter 5, Chi or Qi: 氣The Life Force of the Universe and the Engine of our Body.  p.89

Chapter 6, Tzu Jan or ZuRen: 自然  What is Natural, the Way to Align with our True Nature.   p.101

Chapter 7, Tao or Dao: 道 The Way and Path of a Balanced Person.     p.113

Chapter 8, Ko WuThe Art of Investigation: 考究 Methods for Putting it all Together.   p.121

Chapter 9, Qigong and Tai Chi Forms to Practice  氣功和太極拳的形實踐  P.139

Chapter 10, Adult Stem Cell Production = Ancient Bone Marrow Washing Qigong    成人幹細胞生=古代骨髓洗衣機氣功   p.195

Appendix    p.215

Index           p.236