Tai Chi and Taoist Qigong Samples

Training personally with a teacher is always best. These products will enhance your cultivation and practice. For a Preview,click on the highlighted areas and enjoy. .

Sample Qigong from Richard on Vimeo.or Beijing Simplified 24 form Tai Chi with warm ups. This short form is great for the elderly and beginner. This form was created in 1959 in China to help provide a simply Tai Chi that is not connected with any family clan. Since then, many of the traditional family forms like the Yang Style have also created 24 form sets.Easy to learn with  new detailed instructions in slow motion.

or Classic Wu Style 108 long form Tai Chi as taught by Master Huang Tseng Yu. For the experienced Tai Chi player who wants to learn an advanced set. Each of the three circles is broken down with detailed review of the movements.

sample standing like a tree from Richard on Vimeo.-

Taoist Jing Gong Fang Soong Gong from Richard on Vimeo.This  CD is a powerful tool setting the foundation for advanced practice in Qigong. Follow easy steps to whole body health and master concentration and body relaxation. This introduces the practitioner to the 3 adjustments needed to be performed in all Qigong practices.

Qigong Internal  Cultivation Meditation continues with  Small Circle and Small Heaven Taoist Meditations. These are advanced meditations with chanting of acupuncture points and energy centers to stimulate energy circulation. This is the key circulation in all Nei Gong Taoist Alchemy and needed for balance of the energy within the body.

Sample Small Circle Meditation from Richard on Vimeo.

Sample Complete Small Heaven from Richard on Vimeo.

Advanced Taoist Meditations  Includes Big Heaven and 10 Breaths Open the 8 Mai. Recommended only after mastering techniques of small circle and small heaven.

Sample Big Heaven Meditation from Richard on Vimeo.

10 Breaths open 8 Mai Acupuncture Channels from Richard on Vimeo.

Adult Stem Cell DNA Meditation. This meditation is designed to increase stem cell production and then increase circulation of those stem cells to major organs in the body for regeneration. A must for anyone who has an illness and those interested in optimal health. This technique is designed to re – program the human DNA to increase health and internal strength in the body.

Sample Reprograming DNA Meditation from Richard on Vimeo.

Acupressure Self Massage for Whole Body Health includes Charts and Pictures for locating the 50 most commonly used acupressure points for whole body health. Learn what each acupuncture point brings to your body health.Areas include the head,arms,trunk,legs and feet. Includes 1 hour personal Skype point location class with Richard. Acupressure Booklet- 50 of the most common used points $50.00 USD

Acupressure Booklet