Sacred Chanting for Whole Body Health Thursday, Sept. 15th – Sunday, Sept 18th

Sacred Chanting for Whole Body Health

Thursday, Sept. 15th – Sunday, Sept 18th

In Chinese Medicine, energy travels in the entire body through acupuncture channels. Health occurs as a result of that energy coursing through the body in a balanced fashion. There are numerous points along those channels, where energy can be become blocked, stagnated or over stimulated, creating an imbalance in the body.  Balanced qi is the key to health.

This qi energy can be moved about through the acupuncture energy channels of the body, by use of the mind. “The mind leads the qi energy, and the blood follows” is an old training adage.  Chanting concentrates the mind, which will lead the qi. Chanting can call the qi to a particular location, enhancing the qi flow. Qi energy leads the blood. The blood carries adult stem cells that that will regenerate the cells of the body creating greater health and vitality.

The Chinese word for mind intent is Yi Nian (意念 ).  Yi meaning thought / to think / intention and Nian meaning to study. Yi Nian means to think and study the qi movement in your body, through your channels.

This special workshop will teach how to call the acupuncture points, through chanting, to create whole body health. The participants will learn point names, locations and chanting techniques that will call the qi energy to remove sickness and promote whole body health.

At the Mandala Center. Click Here for Center Info.
To Register Call: 575-278-3002    acupuncture-chart

Join Richard as he presents an easy-to-learn acupressure for whole body health workshop. This Chinese Medicine for self care is a positive step in keeping a healthy body. Learn 50 of the most powerful acupressure points for self healing.

Learn DNA Reprogramming Mindfulness Training through a special Qigong DNA Meditation and Qigong/Tai Chi sets. In this workshop through acupressure,qi energetics, qigong meditations and body based mindfulness practice; you will learn how to live a longer, happier, healthier and more energetic life.

Participants will be presented with specific charts of energy meridians, and the specific points on those channels that will enhance health. Mindfulness Energy Meditations and Movements designed to increase DNA Cellular Function, DNA Cellular Repair and enhanced qi energy, thereby increasing Mind/Body Health.
You Will Learn A DNA Qigong Reprogramming Meditation that will enhance Adult Stem Cell Production and cleanse the internal organs.

Participants will:meditation

  • Learn 50 of the most powerful acupressure points for whole body health.
  • Learn how to Chant the points of the Small Heavenly Circle.
  • Learn ho to call the qi energy through Ohh Ahh Hum chant.
  • Practice Qigong and Tai Chi movements that Harvard Medical School calls “medication in motion.”
  • Participate in powerful healing meditations that revitalize your body and mind.
  • The basics of a 24 movement form Tai Chi set.
  • 5 intelligence Qigong exercises to prevent Alzheimer Disease and Dementia.
  • 3 practical stress reduction methods for everyday life.

Who should attend?
Everyone who wants to create a happier and healthier body through the use of mindfulness methods of self cultivation should attend this workshop. This workshop is designed for beginners as well as those experienced in Meditation, Qigong or Tai Chi.

Registration and Fees
Prices are all inclusive unless otherwise indicated. Regular Fee is for a private room. You can save on your room rate by bringing someone with you (see below for Share and Save). It also helps us when you share a room because we have limited room availability. (only 12 rooms or 24 beds.) This allows more people to join in!
Private Rooms   $595.00  –  Share and Save $480.00 Per Person – Commuter Rate $340.00  – Daily $95.00

Thursday, Sept. 15- 18 th

At the Mandala Center. Click Here for Center Info.
To Register Call: 575-278-3002

About the Workshop

Self Care with Qigong Energy Medicine

At the Mandala Center. Click Here for Center Info.
To Register Call: 575-278-3002
Acupressure,Qigong and Tai Chi work on healing your body in specific ways. The first function of acupressure is to harmonize the life force within your body. Acupressure stimulates areas that can stagnate and lead to disharmony within the body.

Qigong /Tai Chi practice is to create chemical reactions in your body that promote cell growth and inhibit cellular mutation.

Is it really a wonder why Harvard Health Publications May 2009 issue calls Tai Chi “medication in motion”? That article explained how tai chi is helpful in treating a range of conditions including arthritis, low bone density, breast cancer, heart disease, heart failure, hypertension, Parkinson’s disease, sleep problems, and stroke.

Qigong/Tai Chi plays a significant role in boosting the immune system and is easy to practice. The elderly or those already experiencing a disease can quickly boost their immune system with Tai Chi/Qigong exercises.

How does it really work? Stress is the major source of all illness. Scientists now believe that stress is responsible for 90 percent of all illness. Daily living can create stress chemicals within the body that restrict the immune function and lead to disease. Chemicals like cortisol, GH and norepinephrine are all released at periods of high stress. They damage your DNA and cellular function.

Other chemicals like melatonin, serotonin and dopamine are all stress reducers. They help the human cells stay healthy. Still other chemicals act as anti-mutation chemicals that kill free radicals which damage and mutate a cell. These anti stress chemicals really help the cell stay healthy by washing or cleaning away the free radicals that can mutate a cell and cause disease.

Qigong /Tai Chi both increase those types of chemicals, particularly SOD (Superoxide Dismutases), an antioxidant that cleans each cell.

Additional studies found that practicing Qigong /Tai Chi leads to reductions in damage to DNA. Simply put, Qigong /Tai Chi practitioners have better DNA and cellular function than other people.

Qigong/Tai Chi also creates MENTAL HOMEOSTASIS. Psychological homeostasis refers to emotional control or tranquility. It has been stated that the biological function of human emotion and repression is primarily homeostatic. Evidence suggests that a feedback relationship exists between forms of homeostasis, and the body-mind type of therapies like Qigong/Tai Chi.

Qigong/Tai Chi are also of a spiritual nature. Whatever your spiritual belief might be, the practice of these ancient health maintenance techniques increases your connection to that which is divine. The sacred source, to which we are connected, is enhanced through these practices. Maybe it is a direct result of having a healthier body?

The ancient Chinese sages said that if you want to become a true human being, you must cultivate a healthy body. Through this cultivation, you will discover your subtle energy. Through an investigation of this energy, you will experience the part of you that is connected to the Universal energy.  Discovering this connection is the primary purpose for having a human body. Join with us in this journey, and learn to expand your mindfulness training with specific skills that will last a lifetime.

Learn how to Reprogram Your DNA and create a happier, healthier and more vibrant body through Qigong/Taichi and a special Qigong Reprogramming Your DNA energy meditation at this workshop.